The officers have arrested prowlers, trespassers and some men in a car firing a weapon, she said. In 2008, an effort in the historic West End community took root, a move noticed by residents in the nearby West view neighbourhood. Inc. will not only match our competitors we will exceed their expectations while maintaining the highest quality of service. “We thought maybe that's why we're getting hit so much.” K.S.I. The security guards at Mercer Protection Agency are your eyes and ears. “They are told where to go, not where not to go,” bolster said. Posted by adman - May 21, 2013 - Articles, Save Money These scenes are all small vignettes that no one would generally After Hours Security notice, but they are all problems alerting thieves to weaknesses, and providing opportunities that do not need to be provided.

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Contact Mercer Protection Agency today at 678-887-5568 for a free quote on security patrols. Now I know a lot of property managers are going to say that they don't have a budget for security and that is what the police are for. Call them. Let Us Develop A Security Plan Just For You Whether you need more officers on site with foot patrols or security vehicle patrols, Mercer Protection Agency can help you come up with an effective security plan to keep you protected. East side Medical enter Snellville, A Security Officer East side is a 310-bed, full-service, acute care medical canter with nearly 1,200 employees and 450 affiliated physicians. The security guards at Mercer Protection Agency can patrol your business or community. “The word gets out that a certain neighbourhood has private security and criminals say, 'Whoops, let's go to the next neighbourhood,' “ he said. AT&T, the AT&T Logo and all AT&T related marks are trademarks of AT&T Inc. or AT&T affiliated companies. Inc., the staff is our most important asset. And since were in the technology age, GP tracked security vehicles provide accountability to the client allowing them to justify the time that the security company is on their property.